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  1. Established by George Mathias and his two sons, Albert and David with the objective to supply Merchant Navy uniforms at Avonmouth dock.
  2. Diversified in Gents Outfitters at a time when British brands were highly sought after by crews on ships.
  3. Alan Mathias (Left) acquired the business from his father and uncle and diversified into workwear.
  4. Sarah Mathias joined forces with Alan as Managing Director with an aim of supplying Workwear & PPE into large Blue Chip organisations.
  5. First major contract won with United Artists (which became Telewest and then Virgin Media).
  6. Jason Mathias joined the business as Managing Director allowing Alan to retire a year later.
  7. Strategic decision was made to move out of retail and focus solely on workwear distribution, consolidating operations in to one warehouse.
  8. We invested in logo equipment to increase margin and response rate.
  9. Landed Scottish Courage contract (became Heineken) and were subsequently awarded the Scottish Courage Award for ‘Best Performing Supplier’.
  10. Investment made to build an ordering platform (MUMS) to help with uniform management.
  11. Mathias and Sons rebranded to reposition itself as a professional national distributor.
  12. Increasing business lead to an expansion into a new 11,500 sq ft premises in Avonmouth.
  13. We carried out our biggest roll-out to date, supplying uniforms as part of the Virgin Media brand launch.
  14. We overhauled our warehouse with bespoke single SKU pick faces to ensure operations supported growth.
  15. Joined Eurosafe to increase purchasing power and increase presence in PPE.
  16. Further investment in IT infrastucture through the implementation of SAP to improve reporting, efficiencies and stock control.
  17. Moved to a design lead approach in order to develop a market differentiator.
  18. Introduction of Growth Accelerator Program to introduce KPIs and training of management team.
  19. Bespoke garment and PPE sourcing and production off shore to increase competitiveness and increase brand awareness for us and our customers.
  20. Launch of a New Bespoke Uniform to 3000 Sky Engineers shortly followed by a New Uniform in 2016 to all Sky Retail Stores.
  21. Gained certication to the Registered Safe Suppliers Scheme from the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF).

  22. ISO certifications achieved:


  23. Enhanced and modernised MUMS Ordering Platform to tremendous acclaim.