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Why Choose Mathias?

Family owned and run

Established in 1952 by George Mathias as suppliers to the Merchant Navy, we have been providing the workers with what they need for over 70 years.

That's when King George VI still had the crown!
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Vast range of industries supplied

We specialise in comprehensive Uniform and PPE solutions and supply organisations from many commercial industries through to local governments and schools. We fulfil orders for even the largest organisations with fingers in many pies and hugely complex requirements. And not just uniform either, if we can get it we will supply it - our reach is extensive.

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Exceeding Expectations

As a family owned and run business we provide a level of service and dedication you just can't expect from our larger competitors.

Go the extra mile is a motto of ours and we routinely go far beyond what's required of us.

We've retained our top 10 customers for an average of 11.2 years!

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Extensive In-house facilities

From the latest state-of-the-art hydraulic heat sealing press to our many embroidery machines and alteration equipment, we have the resources to cater for your needs.

We are able to proof emblems with world-class software and prototype bespoke garments with world-class talent!

Bespoke design

Your image is in safe hands as we will go that extra mile to ensure a unique kit that stands out from the crowd.

Powerful Ordering Solution


Our ordering platform, MUMS, has the power and features you need. It is fast, flexible and customisable. Most of our customers use MUMS daily from small customers with minimal needs through to massive organisations with hundreds of locations and thousands of wearers.

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Eliminating Single Use Plastic