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Feedback based Design

Sky wanted to completely refresh their Home Service Engineer uniform to differentiate themselves with their peers and so together we embarked on a journey to design from the ground up a smart, durable and comfortable solution that involved the Engineers at every step.

Some Key Facts

  1. The new uniform has been driven by engineer feedback, which has helped shape everything from the items which made the cut, to the material chosen.
  2. There are seven completely bespoke items in total, all designed using the very best weatherproof and climate-control fabrics. For example, the polo shirt is made from the same material used in sportswear and has been designed to dry quickly and regulate body temperature.
  3. The whole kit has been built around different layers to offer engineers more choice, so they can pick the kit which works best for them in all types of weather.

“The new uniform is one of the big changes we’re making for our people this year. It gives us an identity – something we can all be proud of as one team in Home Service - and ensures our engineers look their best in our customers’ homes. Most importantly, it’s been driven by engineer feedback, is designed to be much more practical, and is part of our commitment and investment to make sure our engineers have all the right tools to do their jobs well."
Director of Home Service
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