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Elimination of Single Use Plastic

Here at Mathias we always keep the environment at the forefront, especially with our recent work with one of our largest customers to eradicate single use plastic from all product lines. We are happy to share our progress on this immensely challenging but rewarding project.

Click here to view the online version of this report or click here to view as a PDF

Recycled Packaging

All of our boxes come from recycled sources and we are partnered in a scheme with some of our customers to send out our products in boxes that our suppliers have sent to us further lowering our carbon footprint.

Each box we send out has a leaflet detailing the scheme and encourages the consignee to also reuse the box (right).

MUMS Refresh

After a lot of hard work we have finally launched our new MUMS ordering platform! We are very proud of all the work the team have put into building the site and getting it up and running. We have had lots of positive feedback so far making all of the hard work completely worth while!

Along with a brand new modern look and feel we have added many new features for ordering, reporting and management.

Find out more about MUMS here.

Recycled Garments

With your permission we send out end of life garments to the charity His Church which de-brands the garments and sends them on to those in need.

We have some customers that refresh their range very frequently as they run high street campaigns and as an additional service we supply a returns bag / label in their kit for us to send the garments off to His Church at no extra cost.

We sent roughly 3200 garments to His Church in the 2016-2017 financial year and we aim to send even more this year.

Here is a link to an article the BBC ran on the charity in 2011.