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“It’s great! The dashboard is a really useful idea, I’ve been scrolling through some of the items that we have ordered recently, it’s just so handy to have everything in front of me. All in all, I’d say it’s brilliant.”
Administration Assistant, Utilita Energy on the 2018 MUMS refresh.
High Level Overview

Our online platform, MUMS, was among the first of its kind and has grown considerably, catering to the needs of the most complex multi-industry conglomerates yet it can be streamilined to fit the simplest of processes.

  • Fast.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Mobile-Friendly.
  • Powerful.
  • Informative.
  • Unlimited number of sites.
  • Unlimited number of Wearers.
  • Wearer product setups by role (job function / grade / worker type).
  • Full back-office integration to Mathias home base.
  • Evolving - custom built and maintained to cater for the needs of our customers.
  • Customisable.

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The system can cater for different kinds of users that are subject to a multitude of rights.

  • Admin users - can see / do everything.
  • Restricted users - can only see / do what YOU specify.
  • User Wearers / Self Service - users who can place orders only for themselves / only add items to their basket for review.
  • Limit spend via Budget Controls.
  • Limit spend via Usage Controls (e.g. limited amount of footwear in a period).
Order Types

No two businesses operate the same way. To help with ease of ordering / invoice administration we offer a multitude of options when placing orders.

  • Stock Ordering.
  • Ordering on behalf of Wearers by site.
  • Wearers ordering for themselves.
  • Optional authorisation chain.
  • Optional hard copy P/O requirement to help with invoice clearance.
  • Optional Purchase Order validation to help with invoice clearance.
  • Optional rolling P/O auto allocation.
  • Optional automatic allocation of internal key for consolidation purposes.

All orders are Man Pack packaged and labelled* by default at zero extra cost.

*We coined the term 'Man Pack' in 2002 and have been shipping orders this way by default ever since - others merely imitate.


MUMS has a powerful basket system that gives you many ways to quickly get the products you need ordered.

  • Choose products by Category or use the powerful search feature.
  • Add products one at a time or use the size matrix to add multiple sizes at once.
  • Allocate complete Kits via a simple size configuration form. Ideal for new starters.
  • Product selections are defined by Wearer role - Secretaries won't see ear defenders, etc.
  • Favourites - add products you order all the time to your personal Favourites list.
  • Stock Holding - Sites can have a 'Stock' entity.
Order Pad - quickly add products from:
  • Favourites.
  • Wearer History - reorder what they had last time.
Rollout Management

The challenges presented by rolling out rebranded uniform / campaign wear / new contracts can be a logistical nightmare. To help with this we built rollout managment functionality directly into MUMS.

The system helps with rollouts by:
  • Collate rollout allocations for thousands of Wearers accross hundreds of sites.
  • Use historical usage to set default sizes (where possible) - but allow them to be changed and confirmed.
  • Give specific users access to administer rollout information for specific sites.
  • Give Wearers the ability to log in to select and confirm their own items!
  • View information about which sites are left to complete their selections.
  • View information about which wearers at which sites are left to complete their selections.
  • View high level information about overall status of selections with daily emailed reports also available.
  • Once rolled out, allow users to confirm they have received and are happy with their items.
  • co-ordinate exchanges.
  • View high level information about overall status of uniform rolled out and in use.
In conjunction with our dedicated rollout personnel we have the tools and the ability to make any rollout a breeze.
“I love it. It’s extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.”
Call Centre Operations, Utilita Energy on the 2018 MUMS refresh

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